Strategic Financial Management

Our goal is for business owners to gain a clear picture of their business operations by providing financial and accounting services customized and tailored to your company’s specific needs.  By partnering with Grow Forward CFO, your organization’s leadership can evaluate practical business options and make better informed decisions.  Our services are focused on supporting the organization’s goals, maintaining its financial health, discovering actionable cost savings and implementing efficient budgeting processes to optimize cash flow, and ensuring regulatory compliance. 

Cash Flow Management

Our goal is to help business owners forecast and anticipate their future cash levels.  Since managing cash is the most important, and most stressful, aspect of running a business, Grow Forward helps streamline AR and AP management to effectively track the sources and uses of cash across the business. We will implement tools and processes that will allow businesses to better manage operating cash balances and build cash reserves.

Key Performance Tracking

Our goal is to ensure that business owners can assess their business’s financial health real-time.  By providing key insights into financial performance with strong data collection and dynamic Key Performance Indicator dashboards, Grow Forward CFO is able to ensure the company is in good financial position and able to adjust to a changing business climate.

Financial Coaching

Our goal is to partner with individuals to empower them to achieve their personal and business aspirations.  Through a collaborative relationship, we provide accountability, insights, practical experience, and support focused on growth.  Through regularly scheduled sessions, we develop a dynamic coaching model that has actionable plans and quantifiable results. 

We provide CFO services for small businesses, ranging from pre-revenue up to $50 million annually. We partner with you for as little as a few hours per week to several days per week.